Scientific Faith

I have never subscribed to the teachings that faith equates foolishness. Thankfully today, in a short time of meditation, I was able to type down all these 60 points in my moment of solitude of less than 30minutes. Also, I had biblical hints to almost every single one of them shoot out of my spirit. I now understand what the scripture meant when it said holy men wrote the scriptures as they were inspired by the spirit. Please note that I have 100% copyright to the content.


  1. Faith fueled by facts
  2. Faith reveted by reason
  3. Faith that respect reason
  4. Faith underpinned by understanding
  5. Faith known by knowledge
  6. Faith that flashes out foolishness
  7. Faith that flourishes by fortitude
  8. Faith that finds finances
  9. Faith that fosters favour
  10. Faith that is nurtured by numeracy
  11. Faith propelled by power
  12. Faith anchored by action
  13. Faith activated by activities
  14. Faith fulfilled by finishing
  15. Faith hoisted by humility
  16. Faith not humiliated by humanity
  17. Faith honoured by humanity
  18. Faith pleasing to people
  19. Faith serving saints
  20. Faith saving sinners
  21. Faith that answers all
  22. Faith that blesses the bane
  23. Faith that cures the cursed
  24. Faith that is not silenced by sin
  25. Faith that overcomes oppositions
  26. Faith that removes the reproach
  27. Faith that produces profits
  28. Faith that fans the flames
  29. Faith that fuels the fire
  30. Faith that powers the plans
  31. Faith that vanquishes the valiant
  32. Faith that defeats the devil
  33. Faith that validates the valour
  34. Faith that values values
  35. Faith that finds friends
  36. Faith that examines everything
  37. Faith that is crowned by the cross
  38. Faith crowns the creator
  39. Faith that flashes out fear
  40. Faith that foresees the future
  41. Faith that follows the future
  42. Faith that finishes the foundation
  43. Faith that fills the family
  44. Faith that grows through generations
  45. Faith that glows through the generations
  46. Faith that forever fights
  47. Faith that lights up a life
  48. Faith that makes the little large
  49. Faith that faces the fire
  50. Faith trends through technology
  51. Faith that teaches teamwork
  52. Faith that teaches the truth
  53. Faith that begins in the bible
  54. Faith that believes the bible
  55. Faith that is binding on the believer.
  56. Faith that endures till eternity
  57. Faith that announces another
  58. Faith that forestall frustrations
  59. Faith that furnishes you fully
  60. Faith that defies death.

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