About This Blog


This is a creative writing site managed by Akolgo Ayine, an emerging academic, art critic, motivational speaker and youth activist. It features short quotes, critical questions, inspirational material, social commentary on political, religious, family life and marriage, socio-cultural, art, creative works and multidisciplinary issues. The manager of the site engages readers in stimulating intellectual and critical analysis of issues of interest in this space. This site has the sole aim of promoting a reading culture, promoting creative abilities, creating awareness, informing readers and entertaining curious minds.

I intend to build confidence in young people with regards to their creative abilities and specialized skills by highlighting and promoting them. I do not intend to undermine either directly or indirectly anybody’s views, beliefs, position or person. I, however, adopt a critical approach to writing that will sometimes touch on and actually scratch sentiments, punch egos and deflate pride, most often beginning with myself. I have come to understand that I will not be understood by many, but truth is, I do not seek company or public applause in this endeavor. I feel compelled and impelled to pass on information. Also, let me reiterate that my observations are personal, subjective and not representative of any official position or group. However, where I make references to the works and thoughts of others, I give due acknowledgement to that effect. I am particularly biased towards Christianity and sometimes found my position on biblical truths.

Years ago, the Holy Spirit threw light on my eyes as I read Psalm 45:1, which reads, “My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” I did not fully understand what it all meant. All that kept pounding on my heart was that I had the pen of a ready writer. I had a strong impression that I was being prepared for a purpose and that in due time, my pen will be louder than many voices. Since then, I have given myself to reading, researching and building my critical thinking and writing skills. It is from this that this site has eventually emerged, to give expression to my creative writing skills and encourage others to be expressive and creative.

Warning: If you are averse to frank, objective and transparent discussion of issues, please stay off this page.